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We are young entrepreneurs that have seen the vast opportunities in the Nigerian seafood industry.We are also met day to day with the harsh realities of poverty, hunger and joblessness in our society.We have also identified the huge market for seafood that have been neglected by the business ecosystem.

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Sharkhouse Foundation

The Sharkhouse foundation is an NGO that supports local fishermen mostly in Rivers State where it was founded.

The fishermen were losing their livelihood due to pollution and access to new markets and capital.

The founder decided to start a sea food business thereby driving up their market and purchasing from the fishermen at fair trade prices.

Our Aim

Our goal is to reduce poverty and hunger while engaging the youths in Nigeria by promoting the business opportunities in the seafood industry in Nigeria.

Our Services

Our programs

Mentor-ship programs for Entrepreneurs
Access to funding Seminars in partnership with Financial Platforms
Collaborating with stakeholders throughout the seafood supply chain to increase the demand and supply of sustainable and fair seafood.

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