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Shark House Foundation


The Sharkhouse foundation is an NGO that supports local fishermen mostly in Rivers State where it was founded.

The fishermen were losing their livelihood due to pollution and access to new markets and capital.
The founder decided to start a sea food business thereby driving up their market and purchasing from the fishermen at fair trade prices.
She now uses a part of her profit to develop this trade further by spreading the awareness of the profitability in the sea food business using her business as a sample case study and also the challenges the fishermen face in the quest to survive.

SharkHouse foundation reaches out to partner organisations,NGO’s,like minded individuals and others to collaborate on improving the lives of fishermen by developing access to new markets and access to capital and materials.

As young entrepreneurs that have seen the vast opportunities in the Nigerian seafood industry and also met day to day with the harsh realities of poverty, hunger and joblessness in our society.

We have also identified the huge market for seafood that have been neglected by the business ecosystem.

The Shark House Foundation (SHF) was founded in 2017 registered in 2019 with a mission of creating awareness of the Nigerian seafood industry and the vast wealth that lay beneath with a group of 10 founding members.

If it is fair to say that Nigerians suffer in the midst of plenty,this is the premise Shark House Foundation have been found.


Our goal is to reduce poverty and hunger while engaging the youths in Nigeria by promoting the business opportunities in the seafood industry in Nigeria


To create awareness of the value chain in the Nigerian seafood industry

To promote the investment opportunities in the sector

To create awareness on the challenges of fishermen in Nigeria

To further develop a relationship with financial platforms

To warm up the Government relationship with the sector

To strengthen livelihoods and get the entrepreneurs involved in the Nigeria sea food industry

We pursue this through financial awareness focused on helping those who stand to benefit the most—


Collaborating with stakeholders throughout the seafood supply chain to increase the demand and supply of sustainable and fair seafood.

SHF’s keystone program is reaching to the business communities to promote the investment opportunities in this sector.

SHF’s focus is also on the support of fishermen in this trade.

SHF is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization

About The Founder

Ms. Ibinabo Oruitemeka

We are passionate about the sea food industry and also the livelihood of the fishermen,with focus on best practices.

What We Can

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We pride ourselves with our vast networks in different industries.

Network 85%
Engagement 50%
Business Matching 45%
Consultation 70%

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